NFPS/66, Watch +800 Channels HD/SD.

IPTV on all Plans, +6000 PPV/VOD Movies, All Latest Movies Availables.

IPTV for KODI, VLC, MAG254, flawless IPTV.

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Our service is fully compatible with all devices and applications that support the middleware IPTV Stalker or IPTV M3U Playlists. Here you have a small list of them:

Devices & APPs

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Powerful servers and load balancers. With more than +800 HD Channels , including 500 in HD and +3000 PPV Movies, to know more contact us or check channel list.

Supported devices

Our Server iptv supports a variety of devices, including: Enigma2, MAG Device, smart tv, Android learn more.